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After owning a Wii since it was released, I finally got a wireless router and got it online. Wooohooo!! I got me some Wii points and downloaded the first 2 Zelda games. I'm so happy. It may seem so silly, but playing those games is like being a kid again, like reconnecting with an old friend. :) I think my darling little brother may have a Wii points card he never used. I'll be taking that in order to get more Zelda. :)
Wii ware is being released on May 12th, so I'll be able to check that out too. 
My life seems to revolve around video games. LOL
We got Grand Theft Auto 4 as well. I'm letting Sean play that since in the 14 years of being with him, he has only beaten 2 games by himself. (Jedi Outcast 2 and GTA 3) It's an awesome game though. The radio in the cars are soooo funny with all their fake ads. (The Alcoho-Tine patch LOL) 
Besides my beloved Wii Fit and Soul Caliber 4 (I get Vader!!) I must patiently wait until September to get The Forces Unleashed. Once that comes out, I shall plunged back into Star wars video game goodness. I only hope it's as good as Knights of the Old Repeblic. (The game which made me hear the Imperial March in my head when I walk)
I'll shut up now. lol

some updates

I know I barely post anything sorry about that. :)

Here are some update type things:
First, my cat is doing a lot better. I posted that he was losing hair and had some scabs, so we took him to the vet. He got an allergy shot and a de-wormer last week and his fur looks so much better. We're not sure if it was worms (they didn't find any) or if he is allergic to something. The shot lasts about a month, so we'll see. Thankfully the shot is only about 15.00 and they don't charge for a visit when he gets one.
Second, my son got his report card the other day. He got straight A's, except in handwriting, which he got a D. We're not too fussed because the poor kid comes from a long line of people with horrible handwriting. The grades are a huge victory though. As some of you may know, Gabe has ADHD. He is not medicated. I credit his grades to his school. We moved to this district about this time last year, before he was labeled ADHD. When the new school tested him, they sprung into action. He has small group reading and math classes. (He was recently taken out of the reading class and put back  into regular reading because he did so well.) They keep us updated and they do a wonderful job.  Also, I slightly changed his diet. Mostly I just don't buy soda and only buy 100% juice. I'm convinced red dye 40 and it's kin are the enemy. Also high fructose corn syrup is a big no-no. We're just doing everything we can to keep him off medication.
Hmmm that's about it except  I can write more crap about video games I'm looking forward too. I swear Nintendo should pay me for all the times I babble about the Wii.  LOL
 And our recent problem with a new neighbor's cat that sprays the outside of our house and rips up our trash. I know a lot of people let their cats roam free. I don't and my cats are fixed and can't spray. This cat has already ruined an umbrella that I left on the porch. And it pissed all over the trash cans. If anyone has some ideas on how to keep it away, please share. :)

Kitty Escape

In an effort to post more here, I shall write about my cats. :) I think my life is either too boring or over-the top strange to write about that often.

Yesterday, we took Twiggy to the vet. He  looked like he was losing weight and the fur around his tail looked shorter, like he was losing it. He also had a few unexplained scabs. The other two cats aren't having any problems. After listening to his pitiful meows from the cat carrier for a good 15 minutes, we got to the office. They weighed him. He weighed as much as he did the last time he went to the vet. But they still don't know that's wrong with his skin or fur. They took blood. We heard him meowing from down the hall. Surprising, he didn't shred the vet to pieces. (He's a really nice, good cat but still has claws and doesn't take kindly to anyone holding him) We should have the lab results by Monday at the latest. 

This morning, I'm in the kitchen doing dishes. I think I hear some weird noises, but since I have the windows open, I don't pay much attention. I walk into the living room to find the front door wide open. I have been going in and out a lot today. I guess I didn't close it properly. Next to the door was Ramirez, just looking outside. Hedwig was walking around on the deck, looking like he knew he wasn't suppose to be there. Twiggy was missing. Knowing him, I figured he wasn't in the house. Especially after last summer's hour long escape which included me wandering around in the dark  in 3 inch platform flip-flops looking for him. After about 10 minutes of calling his name, he slinked out from under the car. I grabbed him, put him inside and gave him a stern talking to about just spending 200.00 at the vet on him. That would have been great to receive lab results for a missing cat.

My hubby's crazy :)

Ahhh.... men. Sean's been pining after a HDTV for about a year now and I have stopped him from buying one just because I didn't think we really needed one. Our old TV was doing ok and I'm a cheapskate. Last week, he tricked me into going to Best Buy to "buy a video game for my birthday."  I'm a sucker for video games, so we went. When we got there, he started walking towards the TV's instead. lol

Basically, he wore me down to the point that I didn't care about him getting a fancy new TV. He said he would get it next tuesday (which was yesterday). He was debating to himself all last week about the pro's and con's of a fancy new TV. So when yesterday rolled around, I didn't think he was getting one. I put Gabe on the school bus and went to Target to get my beloved Sweeney Todd DVD. :) The day wore on,  he did not mention said TV. We watched Sweeney Todd once. He took a nap. 3pm comes and the TV bug gets up his butt. He feverishly looks all over the web for a TV. Which brand, which size, how much etc... He can't get it now because Gabe's coming home and the stupid TV will not fit in the car with the three of us.

We go out to eat. We watch Sweeney Todd again. During the "God, it's good" song, he realizes there are rolling lines on the TV and it's buzzing louder than usual. It's 7:30 pm now. He gets up, goes to the bathroom, and puts his shoes on. I think he's taking out the trash. Nope, he's going to Best Buy. Whatever, fine get the TV. He leaves, I notice on the local weather channel that there is a severe thunderstorm coming. Great. It's already 8:30pm and he should have been back by now. The storm starts and  I'm angry he just had to go NOW. Best Buy closes at 9pm. I'm freaking because it's late and thundering and lightening and pouring and windy and dark.

He finally comes home a little after 9 with a 32' Toshiba Regza something or other. He was so late because the lovely Best Buy salespeople wouldn't help him at first. He said they gawked at him like some homeless, tattooed freak who was in Best Buy to avoid the storm. LOL 
Well it's done and over now. I wonder what new tech-geek thingy he will want next.

Just because I'm excited

I've have been posting this everywhere on the internet (so has my hubby for that matter lol)

So yeah some of you may have seen this already but I love it!

that's my leg, right below my left knee. Sean want to work on it some more. Maybe add a background and some of Sweeney Todd's crazy hair. No too much hair, as that would go on my knee and knees hurts like nobody's business. :)




I've been in a really weird, almost crappy mood lately. I think it has to do with the stupid weather. I'm so sick of winter and cold and snow and ice. Last week, it was almost 60 degrees and everything melted. Now we just got another storm and we're back to ice and snow. It's driving me crazy. 
Have you ever felt like nobody really knows anything about you? I sort of feel like that too. And it's not directed towards my husband who after almost 12 years of marriage knows everything about me and loves me to bits. Yay! 
Maybe i'm just shy or anti-social. Maybe I try to hard or not enough. Maybe I'm babbling.... LOL
I'm sure it will all blow over...in the mean time I'll just obesessively listen to my darling Sweeney Todd soundtrack as it always makes me feel better.

Pain Sucks

and I'm not talking about getting a tattoo.  I'm 95% sure I have Endometriosis.  For years I have had weird pains about two weeks after "that time of the month". I have been to doctors about it and was told I had everything from Kidney stones to Bladder infections to "it's in my head." Yeah, I loved that one. Anyway, friday night I felt like I was dying. I thought it might be my appendix. The next morning, I got my period and started looking at how that could factor in to it.  After reading just about everything I could, I realized I might have endometriosis. Everything from the symptoms to the fact that it can take doctors years to finally decide that's what's wrong makes sense. I feel better today, but I dread what the next weeks and months can bring.  This weeekend was the worst the pain have ever been. I couldn't even walk right. I hope it's never that bad again. Now all I need is some health insurance.......

Christmas? yuck

I think I'm getting the hang of this.
 Anyway, I've been busy with Christmas things. I'm such a Grinch. I still have a few presents to buy, everything to wrap and just blah. I feel like I just go the the motions with Christmas because if I didn't my family would kill me. I haven't gotten my  new Dark Mark tattoo because yesterday (my hubby's only day off) was spent moving things around the house to make room for a tree. I went shopping and only found one present. But I got myself the OOtP DVD and no I'm not waiting for Christmas to watch it. I already have a stack of video games I have to wait for.  I'm sick of my son asking for things we bought him for Christmas, so I still have 13 days of "can I get it?" to look forward too. Meh, this holiday isn't worth the trouble it causes.


 I'm testing this LJ thingy out, since it befuddles my mind and I'm not sure what the hell to write about. Also, nobody I know in "real" life has one of these. Everyone has a myspace and I got suckered into that.  But, I'm making an effort to try this out. So we'll see what happens.


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